One of the things I’ve learned about myself during my 29 years of existence is I can’t not blog. I have also learned that writing the first post on a new blog never gets any easier. I know this because in nearly two decades, I’ve written nine introduction posts on nine different blogs. (And yes, really! Nearly 20 years of blogging! Eighteen years if we are to be exact). Hopefully this is the last introduction post I write though. So, here it is…

Hi! My name is Jackie, formerly of the book blog Books & Tea (formerly a lot of blogs, really). But, as most millennials are wont to do, I ghosted out of there when I started to lose interest. Books & Tea was the blog I created right after I graduated from college, and it was my creative outlet for about six years. But then a year ago, I think I sensed I was on the precipice of change, and suddenly I felt like I was a stranger in the online space I carved out for myself.

  • I am about to turn the big Three-Oh, which I’m mildly excited about even though a part of me fears it will be just like my twenties– feigning my way through adulthood but with far less alcohol and much better coping methods.
  • I am about to step away from the career I’ve spent the past six years building, which is terrifying because it’s almost like it became a part of my identity. And also, what if they realize I’m replaceable after all?
  • I am about to take on a brand new title– MOM. This makes me feel…nervous and scared and happy and peaceful and anxious (times ten because pregnancy hormones, amiright?). My husband and I will be welcoming baby Oliver in to the world in early October, and we still haven’t started on the nursery or created a baby registry.
  • I’m starting to grow roots. Slowly. Sloooooowly. Which is a feat because I’ve lived a semi-nomadic life so far. I’ve lived in 15 different homes in 11 different cities, so after about two years of staying in the same place, I start to feel restless. I kind of have to suck it up though because my husband and I just bought our first house about a year and a half ago. It’s situated in a quiet, family-friendly, little town (village, technically) in Michigan, and it only has three traffic signals.

Some things don’t change though. I still love to read, though I can finally embrace being a fabulously slow and distracted reader now that I am no longer racing to meet review deadlines or creating internal competition with other book bloggers who easily read triple what I read in a year. And I still love to drink tea, too. On this particular morning, I am enjoying a cup of Maple Creme Oolong tea from Adagio Teas, which makes me long for both crisp Autumn mornings and a buttery, syrupy waffle.

Welcome to This Cozy Morning!

If we are going to slap a “niche” on this blog, This Cozy Morning might be considered one of those “lifestyle” blogs, to which my family reading this is probably rolling their eyes and thinking, “You gotta get a life first, Jackie”. And, okay, so maybe that’s true, but if you back up a few bullet points, you will see that times, they are a-changing.

If you’re looking for fashion and beauty, you won’t find it here. I never learned how to style my hair, I never learned how to apply makeup, and apparently I only shop for clothes after I wear literal holes into my jeans and shoes, and maybe not even then.

This Cozy Morning is a quiet place (at least until Oliver is born) for a quiet person, who eagerly begins her countdown to Autumn on the first day of Spring. It’s a place to explore purpose and what it really means to live with intention. It’s a place to contemplate motherhood and family while sipping tea or munching on a treat inspired by a book I recently read.

On this particular morning

The husband, Jon, is uncharacteristically sleeping in, but baby Oliver is tumbling around in my core. The black cat, Biscuit, is perched quietly on the floor beside the bed, waiting for Jon to wake up in hopes he will be tricked into serving the cats a second breakfast. And the fat, grey cat, Fargo, is curled up and snoozing in his hammock. I am the only one awake to enjoy the quiet of the morning, save for the white noise of the oscillating fan and the occasional snozz coming from Fargo.

It’s the sort of slow and distraction-free morning I’ve been craving. The kind of peacefulness that allows me to hear the thoughts racing through my head, so I can finally write them down on paper. it’s been over a year since I’ve written anything, and this feels like such a relief. I’m happy to be back.


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