This cozy morning is fueled by Adagio Tea’s Spiced Green Tea, which is a blend of green tea, orange peels, natural flavors, cinnamon bark, and ginger root. It smells like Christmastime, like mulling spices or gingerbread baking in the oven, and it makes me wish for long nights, cold weather, and fat snowflakes dancing about in grey skies. I prefer to sip my hot tea without sweetener or milk, but the tea would have been unmemorable straight– not quite the grassy or floral qualities I expect from a green tea, and not enough spice to impress my taste buds. After adding a spoonful of sugar, and after letting it cool down a little, the orange and the ginger flavor become more pronounced and pleasant. It’s not a blend I would usually reach for these (pregnant) days since it does contain a “moderate” level of caffeine, whatever that means, but my body is begging for a pick-me-up this morning. Jon and I spent the night in our new bedroom last night, and it felt just out of the ordinary that I couldn’t sleep. It’s only right across the hall from our old bedroom too!

Jon described it best– “It’s feels like I’m at a slumber party”. It’s like the air moved about the room differently. And, the new bed sheets were just a little more scratchy, although I no longer had to worry about accidentally catching my pinky toe in the worn out spot that was starting to develop in our old sheets. It was quieter since the new bedroom is at the back of the house, so we no longer have to hear car tires whispering across the road as  someone creeps home at two in the morning. And, it was darker because the orange glow of the street lights no longer seep through the window blinds.

Paint color: Sherwin Williams 6765 — Spa; bedding from Target.

But, it’s finally our room.

It’s the first room we have ever painted as a couple. It’s the first room we have ever painted, period. And you can tell. You can tell by the beige line peeking out beside the light switch plate and from under the window that we’ve never blocked off trim with painters tape before. You can tell by the smudge of blue on the door frame that we became overeager in our painting strokes. You can tell by all of the blue accidentally painted on the ceiling that we made the mistake of listening to Youtube “how to” videos that said taping off the ceiling was unnecessary instead of listening to my dad. You can tell by the patches of beige that show up when the light hits the wall just right that we couldn’t quite tell when our rollers needed to be reloaded.

It’s not perfect…but, it also kind of is perfect. Perfect because we accomplished this task together, and we are still married! You see, I tend to be detail-oriented, and Jon tends to be results-oriented; I tend to dictate, and Jon tends not to appreciate that very much. Perfect because it reflects our personality– well, my personality; I think Jon is just going along with it, especially because, as it turns out, he is loathsome of the sunflower color I’m obsessed with, but I guess this is why “man caves” exist. Perfect because my black cat and grey cat compliment the color scheme. Perfect because this is a project I’m really proud of.

The bedroom just needs a few finishing touches to tie everything together– possibly an area rug, a headboard, some decorative pillows if I’m feeling frivolous, and definitely a piece of wall art to hang over the bed or the dresser. But, those will come along soon enough. Next weekend, we begin on the nursery.




9 thoughts on “A Bright and Refreshing Master Bedroom

  1. Decorating a new room, or moving in general can be such a creative process especially if you have the freedom to do what you want, like painting! It’s way more fun to do with your partner too! It makes the process way better knowing it’s a first time for both of you because little “mistakes” is a learning curve. I’m glad you two had so much fun with this project!

    1. I had no idea I was going to feel such a sense of satisfaction after decorating a room. We’ve lived in this house for a year and a half, and I’ve been avoiding anything interior decorating related because it seemed like such a daunting task. I’m glad we finally started on the project though since it made this place feel just a little more like “home”. (And we’re actually looking forward to painting the next room soon to see if we can paint with a little more precision :D).

  2. I love tea 🙂 YUM! It’s such a great way to unwind for the night.

    Also, I can’t wait to have a home of my own to paint & personalize! We currently are still living in an apartment, since home prices in Northern California (Bay Area) are outrageous! We still need to save up a lot! But it’s definitely a dream of mine 🙂


    1. Oh geeze, I’ve researched how steep housing prices out in California can be. Even the cost of renting apartments out there makes my heart palpitate because monthly rent appears to be more expensive than my own mortgage! Sending good vibes your way so you can achieve your dream of home ownership!

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