I cannot believe July is almost over. Most of it feels like a blur of working late to finish month end and trying to put the house in order before Oliver arrives (I am, no doubt, in nesting mode). It would be so easy to just close the book on July, which is what I normally would have done (living on auto-pilot), but instead I want to take a moment to reflect on all of the awesome things from this month.

starbucks bithday cake popTurning Thirty

I finally turned 30, which I’ve been looking forward to for the past few years. My co-workers surprised me by filling my office with balloons and creating a curtain of streamers in my doorway, and my manager bought me a couple of cake pops. In the evening, Jon and I celebrated by going to our hometown fair. We went to wander around and appreciate the sights and sounds of the carnival and of course the smells of fried funnel cakes and elephant ears. Despite needing to carbo-load for an upcoming 3-hour glucose test, I managed to only buy one unhealthy fair treat– the Corn Tater. The Corn Tater is the fluffiest baked potato loaded with fresh off the cob sweet corn and smothered in melted butter, sour cream, onions, and shredded cheese. Thank goodness the fair only comes around once a year!

I suppose at the end of the day, 30 doesn’t feel that different from 29, except now I feel more optimistic about the future, and I make my bed in the morning.

bedroom with blue wallsMy New Room

I already wrote about this last weekend, but I am in love with my new room! I can’t help but feel so happy when I walk in because the walls are so bright and bold and cheerful. I have even somehow managed to keep my room organized for a full week, which is crucial since the room is so tiny. Even if just one thing were out-of-place, I would feel overwhelmed, and this is coming from someone whose living and work space is perpetually cluttered.

Harney and Sons, Davids Tea, T2, Adagio TeaMore Tea

I may have over-indulged in my birthday treat this year, which was just supposed to be one purchase from Adagio Teas to take advantage of the birthday coupon they sent as well as the free sample of Birthday Tea they include with birthday purchases. But then, DavidsTea was having their semi-annual sale, and for some reason, I had a 40% off coupon from Harney & Sons sitting in my inbox, and I also had a code for free shipping for T2.

I am a tea hoarder, so I really wish I would have exercised more self-control. My stash already takes up an entire cupboard, and with the new additions, it’s spilling out in to the pantry. As of now, I am placing myself on a tea-buying ban for one year.

krups adjustable temperature tea kettleMy Variable Temperature, Electric Tea Kettle

After over-indulging in tea, I decided to finally purchase myself an electric tea kettle that has temperature settings specific to the type of tea I want to steep. I’ve wanted one for a few years now, but I always held off on the purchase even though I knew this would be an appliance that was used frequently. I always had a hard time justifying the purchase because I already had a stove top kettle, but now I no longer have to worry about too-hot temperatures burning my green teas and white teas.

This Cozy MorningLaunching This Cozy Morning

My unintended year-long hiatus from blogging was kind of nice, but it also felt like a part of me was missing. I have been carving out spots on the web for myself for nearly two decades after all. I still have a long way to go, obviously. For example, I really need to put my tookis in a chair and compose several drafts so I can start posting more frequently than just every Sunday. I also need to step up my Twitter game (but I’m just as socially awkward on social media as I am in real life). Never ending to-do list aside, I’m just relieved to have a creative outlet again.


What are your July favorites? And now that the month is behind us, what are you looking forward to in August? Personally, I can’t wait to finish the nursery, but more on that later 😉





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