August is blazing sun. Parched, brown grass with lush, green weeds. Being chased by ground bees and wasps. So hot that I have given up on trying to cool the house to any temperature below 78 degrees. So hot that I toss all the covers off at night, and I don’t care if the monsters eat my feet. So hot that I should probably be drinking iced tea, but I’m anxious so I’m drinking hot peppermint tea instead. Because August is…

possibly the last month that it will just be Jon and I (and the cats, of course).

Oliver’s due date is October 7, but a lot of people have been telling me that he could come “two weeks before or two weeks after that date”, and “only 5% of the population is born on their given due date”. So, that technically means, Oliver could be arriving at the end of September.

My Target baby registry reminded me today that Oliver’s ETA is only 64 days away. SIXTY-FOUR. Counting down using days is so much more intimidating than using months (as in, I have two months to finally buy a kitchen table) or weeks (as in, I have 9 weeks to figure out how to assemble this crib). But no, it’s 64 days. As in, I have 64 days to finally buy a kitchen table, assemble a crib, finish buying supplies for the nursery, get a prescription for a breast pump, make a practice run to the hospital, start praying Oliver doesn’t arrive on a weekend during a University of Michigan home game, finally get my office organized, have the new dishwasher installed, create a plan of action for my employer while I’m on leave, find a babysitter, install a cat door, install insulation, cut the branches back from the house, fill out maternity leave paperwork, finish putting the house back together because it looks like a tornado blew through here, call the anesthesia consultant, buy a car seat, figure out how to use said car seat, get my oil changed, and breathe.

On the plus side, I did find this adorable bear basket while at Target today. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I filled it with some books I purchased at the Green Hand Bookshop in Portland, Maine last October. And yes, both the bear and the books were impulse buys. It all worked out in the end though, I think.


What does August have in store for you this year?





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